About Us

At SDPP, we have always been passionate about everyone having the same rights, opportunities, choices and control over their own lives to achieve independence. We firmly believe that every one of us should have our voice heard to achieve this and have easy access to information and support to make this happen. All our services focus on individuals and are led by the people we support. This is SDPP’s reason for being and as experienced Advocacy providers, all our work exists to champion our Mission and Vision; and delivered by teams of dedicated, friendly and experienced professionals who believe in our Values and continue to demonstrate them across everything they do here at SDPP.

Our Mission statement summarises why we exist and the difference we intend to make

Mission Statement

“Enable and empower people to achieve their potential to live a fulfilled life”

Our Vision describes what we want to achieve, where we are going and what our ambitions are


“To champion freedom, choice and independence for everyone”

Our Valuesare the beliefs and principles that define our culture and are important to the people at SDPP. They help communicate what we believe, why we exist and how we operate to achieve this. They also help define behaviours within SDPP and set consistent standards for everyone. We trust that all our people embrace these values and that their interpretation of these values supports and guides the way they work.



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