About Us

SDPP’s Mission Statement

Enabling and empowering people to achieve equality.

Our Vision

To champion freedom, choice and independence for everyone.

Our Values

  • Professional
  • Diverse
  • Openness
  • Teamwork
  • Ambition
  • Quality

Our Aims

  • To empower and enable disabled people
  • To provide up to date comprehensive, quality information and support
  • To promote greater awareness of the rights of disabled people, families and carers
  • To develop a representative voice from a range of experiences working in partnership with Surrey Coalition of Disabled People
  • To support effective participation by disabled people in their communities
  • To act as an effective channel of communication
  • To inform and support individual members and the general public


In the late 1980s a group of disabled people got together to offer support to other disabled people and their carers who were finding it difficult to access the information and services they needed.

The charity has since developed and expanded. Over time we have introduced a professional advocacy scheme across all 11 districts and boroughs in Surrey and improved our information service from merely telephone to accessible and vibrant town centre Hubs. We have expanded our offer to the Borough of Slough, where we provide all statutory and a range of community advocacy services. As well as these services we also campaign for greater awareness of the needs and rights of disabled people. 

We are a Registered Charity: 1156963 and Limited Company by Guarantee: 8915239 Click Here to read SDPP's Articles of Association and Annual Reports.

SDPP have been awarded Investors in People status and this framework forms the structure of how we lead, support and improve our operation.

We have also achieved the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark and all our Advocates hold or are working towards their National Advocacy Qualifications.

We are one of the founder members of Surrey Coalition of Disabled People. Being autonomous, it can represent its members objectively, without any conflict of interests and can respond quickly and effectively to the needs of its members.


Below are some of our main achievements to date.

  • July 1993 North West Surrey Association of Disabled People (as we were known then) adopted our constitution
  • 1998 our advocacy service in the North West Surrey boroughs of Woking and Runnymede was introduced.  June 2006 Saw the introduction of our home visiting foot care service in Woking, which was extended to cover the whole of Surrey in 2011
  • On July 1st 2010 we changed our name from North West Surrey Association of Disabled People to Surrey Disabled People's Partnership (SDPP)
  • 2010 The Advocacy service was rolled out across Surrey and SDPP was awarded the Action for Advocacy Quality Performance Mark – The first advocacy provider to obtain this standard in Surrey
  • January 2012 SDPP relocated our office in Woking to the new Hub Woking in the heart of the town with a high profile location
  • 2012 SDPP secured on-going grant funding from Surrey County Council/Surrey NHS to provide Surrey wide advocacy
  • 2013 The Godalming Hub opens, another high street location for our Information service and SDPP continue to recruit and develop new volunteers, with many going on to employment, education or other volunteering roles
  • April 2013 SDPP were successful in our bid to provide welfare benefit advice, with our partners, called Get Wise. This service ran successfully until 2016 when Surrey County Council took the decision to not fund a specialist welfare benefits service.
  • 2015 our flagship Hub opens in Staines town centre, which becomes SDPP’s registered office in 2017
  • 2016 SDPP secure first contract outside of Surrey to provide Advocacy services in Slough, in partnership with Matric and Deaf Positives action
  • April 2017 we began a new Advocacy in Surrey service, jointly funded by Surrey County Council and the CCG’s for the next 3 years, in partnership with Matrix

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